Higher Education

Earning a college degree has always been a pathway to grow the middle class and achieve the American Dream. It provides access to well-paying jobs and limitless possibilities. However, many young people and bright minds simply cannot afford to attend a four-year university. Students graduate college with so much debt that it can take decades to pay off. This not only limits the potential of many people, but it weakens America’s economy as a whole because our workforce will become less educated and less skilled.

First and foremost, we need to make quality college education affordable and accessible to everyone. I will work to make this happen by expanding Pell grants and keeping interest on student loans low. No student should graduate college with crippling debt from loans.

We also need to be committed to strengthening two-year community and technical colleges. Many jobs require specialized training and education but not necessarily a four-year degree. Community and technical colleges provide job-specific training and education, are much less expensive than four-year universities and allow people to enter the workforce sooner. 

The bottom line is this: every student who is willing to work toward earning a college degree should have the opportunity to do so.