Climate Change

Climate change is real, and humans are contributing to it. That’s a fact backed by just about every scientist in the world. There should be no more arguing this fact. The real discussion begins on what we can do to protect our climate and planet for future generations. 

Creating more sustainable energy solutions is a win-win solution. We can easily add thousands of jobs to the economy by investing in sustainable energy policies. In fact, the solar industry has already added tens-of-thousands of jobs in the past five years.

In Missouri, we are leading the way with the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program. This program allows Missourians to upgrade their homes and properties to make them more energy efficient and clean energy reliant. These home improvements are paid for by using low-interest loans that are only given out if the energy savings are more than the cost of the loan, and the loan is then paid back by using the energy savings from the improvements to the home or property. Thus, these loans always pay for themselves and the improvements end up saving owners money. This is a program that creates jobs that cannot be shipped overseas, lowers energy bills, protects the climate and pays for itself.

I will be an advocate for our climate and will support sustainable energy policies that move us further away from our dependence on fossil fuels and lower greenhouse gas emissions. It is irresponsible to ignore scientific facts that tell us our planet is dramatically changing for the worse.  Creating jobs and lowering energy bills by investing in sustainable energy policies and programs is a common sense solution and something I will work tirelessly for you in the Missouri House.