Women’s Rights and Women’s Health Care

I fully respect and support every woman’s choice to make informed and independent decisions about her health care and family planning.   When it comes to a women’s health care decisions, they should be made between a woman, her God, her family and her doctor.  Legislators should never make these critical and personal decisions.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, millions of women now have guaranteed access to preventive health services, like mammograms.  

Women finally receive free wellness visits and protection from gender discrimination.  Women in our country deserve the same quality health care as men – and they shouldn’t have to pay extra for it.  Prior to the Affordable Care Act, only 12 percent of health care plans offered maternity coverage and now millions of women in our country have those benefits.

When planning their family, women should also have access to affordable contraception.  Simply put, insurance plans should cover a woman’s right to access birth control.  Currently, short-term health insurance plans are not required to carry birth control and I will work to change that stipulation.