Social Security

Social Security is the cornerstone of retirement and was always intended to be a base of protection, supplemented by private pensions and savings. Today, nine out of ten people over age 65 receive Social Security.  Nearly two out of every three Social Security beneficiaries receive over half of their income from Social Security, and it’s the only source of income for nearly one-in-five seniors. Without Social Security, many older Americans would live in poverty.  Opponents of the current system want to force large cuts in existing Social Security benefits and I will fight those efforts at every turn.  As your Representative, I will always fight for our state’s senior citizens by supporting social security and protecting the next generation of Missourians.

I will always oppose raising the retirement age for Social Security.  If these measures were enacted, future retirees would face benefit reductions.  These benefit reductions would also grow larger with each generation.  If anything, we should consider lowering the retirement age to improve the well-being of older Americans.

The Social Security program provides valuable benefits to retired Missourians. I realize that the program faces future challenges due to a modest funding gap, but I believe we must meet these challenges without dismantling the program, undermining its guarantees, or cutting benefits. Social Security gives the American people a secure, basic income that lasts as long as they live. I pledge to preserve this basic security for all generations.