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A Councilman who will listen to the people, not special interests.


Who is Bill Otto?

Hi, my name is Bill Otto! I have been your neighbor for 24 years, here in St. Charles City. My wife, Kathy, and I have been married for 28 wonderful years and have raised our three sons and three daughters in our beautiful community. 

I am a proud Navy Veteran, Union Member, and retired Air Traffic Controller. I have previously served as a board member on the St. Charles City Board of Adjustment, State Representative, Boy Scout Leader, Bible School Teacher, and Youth Coach.


Safety and Security

I am very concerned about theft from our community, threats to our safety, and harm to our citizens. I will work to protect our property, prevent carjackings and shootings, and work to ensure safety for all St. Charlesians.

Property Values

Our property values threatened as more

single family homes are bought up by

out-of-town investors and converted to

rental properties as occurred in North St.

Louis County. 

Basic Infrastructure

The lack of basic maintenance to infrastructure in our ward is very concerning. We need a Councilman who will protect our infrastructure for years to come.

Drinking Water

I am concerned about contamination in our drinking water that the city has known about for years. It is my priority to ensure clean drinking water for all of the city.

Want a yard sign? Contact Bill!

I am proud to be endorsed by the following organizations:

K_B 2.jpg

Tri-County Labor Club
Sierra Club
Mayoral Candidate Tom Besselman


on APRIL 4


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